A campaign is the perfect way to promote your products and reward your customers and members for their loyalty. It’s also an easy way to keep them engaged. The following is a setup example of a Member Campaign and a Voucher for an ongoing promotional offer to members only.

The Scenario

When members buy 10 coffees they will receive a FREE coffee Voucher which they can then redeem on their next visit. Members are required to present the Voucher in order to receive the free coffee.

The Setup Required 

1. Create a Voucher Layout for the Voucher that the customer is required to present at the checkout.

voucher design

Note: If a the Voucher has a Barcode, make sure a Barcode scanner has been setup at the SwiftPOS Touch terminal to enable the scanning of the Voucher on redemption.

2. Create a Voucher Action to be taken at the time the Voucher is redeemed.

Voucher Action

3. Create Voucher Parameters to control the issuing and redemption of the above Voucher.

Voucher Parameters
Note: The Issue Type above is set to be disabled, as the printing of the Voucher will be triggered by the Member Campaign below.
4. Assign the action to the Voucher
Voucher Edit

5. Create a Member Campaign to enable tracking of the number of coffees sold to individual members over multiple sale transactions. Also, allocate the Voucher Parameter (created in Step 3 above) to the member campaign to ensure the Voucher is triggered whenever 10 coffees are sold to an individual member.


  1. The Voucher can be used only once and can only be redeemed by the member it was issued to. 

Sample of Voucher and Receipt on redemption of the Voucher

Voucher Receipt
Redemption Voucher