Verteda Business update

November 2021: Media Release


MSL signed a 5-year agreement with AIT Kappture in May 2020. The 18-month anniversary of the Kappture agreement has seen revenue above pre-Covid numbers with marquee customers such as ASM Global, Manchester City and Arena Racing all working with MSL-Verteda and Kappture to enhance their offering in the new normal.

Due to the Kappture agreement, MSL-Verteda has seen a 40% increase in UK sales and the positive contribution of Kappture technology has converted over 45 stadiums, racecourses and arenas already transitioning to the new Kappture technology. The uptake has surpassed all expectations and is now greater than our pre-Covid operations.

Kappture was an incredibly important strategic decision to broaden MSL’s full suite of POS offerings, with Kappture’s purpose-built SaaS POS solutions being ideal for the UK stadium and event operators.