Giving your members a positive experience begins to build a foundation where loyalty can be fostered. Clubs who place their members at the centre of their business benefit from higher visitation, better retention, and improved profitability. However, building a positive customer experience is more challenging than you might think. The avenues of influencing customer experience have never been so plentiful. How can you ensure that you are delivering an experience customers’ want? How can you best leverage customer experience programs to build loyalty within your club?

Customers now expect immediate service delivery. Simple interactions like a late meal or drink, or members not being greeted by their first name is all it takes to create a poor customer experience.  However, in this current climate of immediate expectations, club operators can predict and influence certain behaviours through understanding how members interact with the club. With this information, it is then possible to create a personalised journey for each member.

Know your members

Critical to all of this is centralising all the data points related to member interactions at the club. Knowing who your members are is not enough. Membership technology gives clubs the opportunity to measure every possible interaction at the club. This includes, and is not restricted by, each time a member orders at the bistro, swipes their access card, or even redeems club rewards. Through understanding your members, you can deliver a personalised experience – improving engagement, retention and profitability.

Understanding your members

Having a membership platform that is “analytics ready” is critical to building a single customer view.  This will allow your club to segment by visitation rate, age, gender, spend levels, and location. From here it is possible to begin to understand how your members are consuming the club and where there could be upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

Then the data can be further segmented to create several member profiles that clubs can tailor offers and experiences too. This broad segmentation can be further segmented to create very personalised offers to individuals within those groups.

Predict what experience your members expect

Club success is gauged on the experience it delivers to their members. MPower BI, MSL’s business intelligence platform enables club operators to deliver a personalised experience based on tangible insights at St George Motor Boat Club, using MSL BI as their platform increased food and beverage sales by 25%+. By knowing how their members used their facility they were able to provide personalised offers to encourage a favourable experience.

MSL is now launching Ascend*, our real-time analytics platform, that allows clubs to see from any device, anytime, anywhere the profitability and efficiency in their operations. With pre-built operational reports, built on best industry best practice, it is now possible to understand the transactions and cash-flow in the business. More importantly, it is possible to connect Ascend to your workforce management solution so you can manage your labour against your revenue.

Ascend, our new real-time analytics platform will be launched at AHG. Ascend helps businesses make smarter decisions and improve their product and services while also rapidly responding to unexpected circumstances to ensure staff are at the right location at the right time.

By using Ascend businesses can improve service offers, increase staff efficiency & reduce labour costs.

*Ascend is not an active product


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