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When members walk into your club or venue, they now expect a personalised experience and service delivery to be on point every time. They want a seamless experience that doesn’t remove them from the moment. This is a very real challenge for the industry and providing a solution is easier said than done.

MSL builds the platforms to place your members at the centre of your business, delivering an intentional customer experience. Through providing a customer centric end-to-end POS solution, your club & venue can improve both member experience and service delivery, boosting engagement levels and overall profitability.

Provide a personalised service delivery for members through POS.

Using MSL’s latest in POS mobility technology, POSA3, you can offer your members a better experience. POSA3 integrates to your club’s membership system, allowing members to redeem and use loyalty points for purchases, have quicker transaction times, and access to self-service through a member portal. Not only does POSA3 provide a personalised experience to your members, being member aware, it tracks and analyses customer behaviour and actions when linked to an analytics platform, providing meaningful insights for your club.

Directly bring products and services to your members.

Become more versatile with service delivery by implementing POSA3.
Your club & venue can improve the experience of members through offering multiple payment configurations; mobile payments, off premise ordering, table top kiosks, and the ability to pay with points. This enables your clubs & venue to better engage with your members on and off premise, providing exceptional service delivery.

Pairing your POS system with real-time analytics.

Your POS system is the greatest indicator of health for your business.
Through pairing POSA3 with MSL’s real-time analytics platform, Ascend, you can get live updates on customer transactions, where and when they are purchasing, spending patterns, and what are their club interactions on and off premises. Ascend can improve the performance of your analytics solution by integrating with POSA3 to measure comparative data to identify trends and patterns in sales and transaction data, profiling your members behaviours in real-time. This provides your club the ability to better serve your members and provide an intentional customer experience.

MSL will be launching Ascend at the Australasian Gaming and Hospitality Expo, and will be showcasing POSA3, MSL’s POS mobility technology, and their industry leading membership platform. To learn how POSA3 can transform your business, book a demo today.

*Ascend is not an active product.