Loyalty points are the foundation of any customer rewards program. And the following SwiftPOS help guide is a setup example of how to award Customer/Members visitation points.

The Scenario

When a customer/member swipes their member card at reception, they will be awarded Visitation Points once per day depending on their classification.

Note: Customer/Member’s will be awarded visitation points regardless of whether they are financial or not, or whether the Financial Check is selected or not.

The Setup Required

1. Ensure the Member Classifications that will be awarded points on visitation have a value set in the Visitation Points column.

2. Ensure that in Global Preferences the Record Entry Validation By option is set to the required setting.

3. At Reception, via Options, ensure the Entry Check validation is selected and the Entry Reset Time is set. This will ensure the Visitation Points are awarded once per day.

Note: The Visit Check is not required to be selected for this feature to function. An example of the use of the Visit Check validation can be found here.


At Reception/Entry Kiosk swipe a Customer/Member that is in one of the Classification which have Visitation Points assigned.

Wait a short while for the points to be awarded to the Customer/Member in the SwiftPOS Back Office.

Screenshot sample of Visitation Points Awarded

Visitation Points Awarded

Member Points shown at Touch in the Sales Grid prior to the Member swiping at the Entry Kiosk.

Visitation Points awarded 2

Member swipes at Entry Kiosk

Award points

Member Visitation Points shown at Touch in the Sales Grid once Points have been processed in the SwiftPOS Back Office.