available servings

Good planning and excellent communication between the kitchen and front-of-house are essential for a well-run venue and high customer satisfaction. SwiftPOS has many tools to help your staff and ensure customers have the best possible experience. One of these tools is the Available Servings feature.

Available Servings is the quantity of a product available at a given location for a service period. It is quite distinct from Stock on Hand, which represents how much of a product you have in stock at any given time. On the contrary, Available Servings represents how much of that stock is prepped and ready for this service period.

Front-of-house and kitchen staff can set the Available Servings at the POS. The quantity will count down in real-time across all POS terminals as items are sold. When the last serve is sold, all devices will stop selling the item, staff will get a “Sold Out” message and menu boards will immediately show the item as “Sold Out”. If you are using OrderAway, customers will also see it as sold out on their smartphone.

No longer need to worry about an order going through to the kitchen that cannot be fulfilled, with the Chef needing to send a staff member to the table to notify the guest, asking them to make an alternate selection. This also removes potential delays experienced by the whole table or course items being delivered at different times. No more unhappy patrons, meals comped, and timely disruptions to the kitchen!

Expert Tip: Available Servings can be used for non-hospitality items as well. For example, if you have a maximum headcount in a room, Available Servings can be used to check people in and out and maintain a live headcount. It could also be used to limit ticket sales, such as the number of seats sold to a movie session.

Check out the Available Servings help screen for the latest information on how to get the most out of this outstanding SwiftPOS feature for your venue.

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