MSL Solutions (MSL) is a leading SaaS technology provider to the sports, leisure, and hospitality sectors. As part of the newly formed Oolio Group, we are proud to be a global leader and trusted solution provider to approximately 20,000+ venue clients. Our goal is to empower our customers with a comprehensive suite of Point of Sale (POS) and related solutions, enabling them to deliver exceptional service and experiences.

Our core solutions include:

In 2022, Pemba Capital Partners, a leading investor in high-growth software businesses, orchestrated a scheme-of-arrangement that resulted in the de-listing of MSL Solutions from the ASX. This milestone event marked the beginning of the powerful synergy created by the union of MSL Solutions and Oolio Group, positioning us as the market’s premier supplier of hospitality and sports software solutions.

The de-listing from the ASX has unlocked tremendous potential for the combined POS Group. It allows us to focus on long-term strategies, enabling accelerated product development and the enhancement of customer service, delivery, and experience.

With offices in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Denmark, and the UK, the Oolio Group encompasses other renowned brands in the hospitality industry, including Bepoz, Idealpos, Deliverit, and the Oolio platform. Together, we create a dynamic force that brings advanced technology and exceptional service to venues worldwide.