Whatever POS your venue needs, an integrated POS platform will offer you a greater return on investment than multiple point solutions.

1. A Single Touchpoint

Working with one vendor means you can deliver a seamless experience to your customers, from ordering and payment to delivery of food and drinks. Speed of service will be fast because no matter where your customers and staff place orders from, they are sent directly to your bar and kitchen using the same POS platform. For example, in addition to your staff serving your customers, you can also let your customers order at-table or in-seat via a mobile device. Or if they prefer to have a night in – you can offer ‘pick-up’ or ‘takeaway’ all using the same POS platform.

Multiple point solutions mean multiple touchpoints. You will need to work with different products and integrate them, which equals significant work for you to connect, upgrade and maintain your POS platform. You will also have to invest more time into training your staff to get them up to speed and operational on multiple systems.

And, if you have an outage, it might be difficult to get a quick fix when you have multiple customer support channels to deal with to resolve a problem. That’s not what you want when you have an urgent issue that needs to be fixed to get you operational again.

2. Use Your In-house Knowledge

With a single platform, it’s easy for you to maintain and customise your POS to meet the needs of your venue. You can easily add or remove features and functionality as your operation changes and grows by leveraging your existing system knowledge. There is no need to learn a new system, implement new processes, or involve third parties for normal day-to-day operations, reporting or changes and updates. Being able to customise your POS in-house allows you to quickly adapt and scale, for example, you can easily scale up your POS capacity to run larger stand-alone events or functions. It also means your staff can focus on delivering the best experience for your customers each time they come into your venue because staff are confident using the POS system.

3. It’s End-to-End

An integrated POS platform covers the full end-to-end spectrum of your venue from front of house to back office. When you connect your terminals to your back office processes including inventory management, workforce management and reporting; you remove inefficiencies and in turn gain big savings, in both time and money. For member clubs, you can also integrate your membership data, so members can pay with points, which helps to boost long term loyalty and creates additional marketing opportunities.

With a single system, your insight of interactions with your customers doesn’t end with payment and delivery of their order. Using data and analytics you have insight into not only what is happening with individual customers, but also a complete view of what is happening in your venue in real-time. You can’t get this from a point solution. You will be able to see your busy periods and get instant notifications if you get a spike in trade, what are your most popular specials and manage your inventory accordingly and view how your staff levels are being balanced against the capacity to allow you to manage your venue in real-time. You will also be able to run multiple management reports and use this data, feed it back into your system and continuously improve and promote growth and revenue because you will understand exactly what is happening in your venue.

The Flexibility to Grow

As your business grows or new features become available, you will be able to easily update your POS platform to suit your current needs.